You’ve got to hand it to them.They are the best.

What are you talking about?

Israel. And its representatives.

Best at what?

Telling lies. When it comes to lying, Israel reigns supreme.

All politicians and spokespersons lie.

Yes, but Israel has elevated lying to a fine art…

Israeli army razes entire village in occupied West Bank Bulldozers and diggers demolish Palestinian village of Khirbet Humsa, leaving 74 people, including 41 minors, homeless.

On 3 November, Israeli security forces carried out demolition work to clear the Palestinian settlement of Khirbet Humsa al-Foqa in the northern Jordan Valley, located in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Seventy buildings and other structures were destroyed, including housing and sanitary facilities for eleven Palestinian families. The United Nations has recorded the demolition of 557 Palestinian-owned structures, an umbrella term for houses, huts, tents and basic infrastructure, in the West Bank and East Jerusalem so far this year.

The forces also demolished 29 tents and sheds used as livestock enclosures, three storage sheds, nine tents used as kitchens, 10 portable toilets, 10 livestock pens, 23 water containers, two solar panels, and feeding and watering troughs for livestock. …

for Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation, the reality is worse.

You will not find these stories of abuse, torture, land theft, murder, vandalism, state sponsored terrorism reported in the mainstream media with the possible exception of: the murder of Eyad Hallaq because of the parallels with the killing of…

Let’s not mince words. The Labour Party is now the witch-hunting party led by a Zionist puppet. What the Israel lobby tells him to do, he will do. What the Israel lobby tells him to say, he will say. Shouldn’t we worry that the leader of a major parliamentary party…


Let us accept
No division between day and day
All days are equal
Let Monday walk
Side by side with Thursday
Let us abolish the chummy superiority of Saturday
And the tight-laced snootiness of Sunday
And — why not? yes — a month of Sundays
Except that
After we have brought about
The democracy of days
We will start on the weeks
And the years until -
Time is a seamless flow
A land unmarked, unbounded
A world without cause or consequence
In which we will laze
Happy as innocence
And in a timeless daze

I breakfast in the kitchen where I can look out through the windows onto the back garden. Every morning, I watch the squirrels — 3 of them, 2 parents and a young one — performing their circus tricks, chasing each other, skittering along the top of the wooden fence, lightly…


It was predictable. In fact, it was inevitable that the allegations of antisemitism against Corbyn and the Labour Party would be ratcheted up during the election campaign. Now the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has, not for the first time, added his voice. …


In this powerful collection of personal narratives, forty American Jews of diverse backgrounds tell a wide range of stories about the roads they have travelled from a Zionist world view to activism in solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis striving to build an inclusive society founded on…

I wrote Stand Up for Judas some time in the 1970s. I knew it would be controversial (to put it mildly) and get me into any number of fruitless arguments. So what prompted me write it?

Here’s the story. I was walking down the Harrow Road in a dreary part…

Leon Rosselson

Singer/songwriter, children’s author. Here you will find provocative musings on songwriting, politics and life’s little ironies. http://leonrosselson.co.uk

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